The original from 1982 as "OST-STEIRER TRIO" sings a long musical path with worldwide tours, TV shows, albums, golden record and many variations in the band, but always present in the musical scene worldwide.
2 band members tell everything about the "alpine rockers" and their musical path in the new millennium: namely the only active band founder on bass guitar, vocal, trumpet and manager of the band "ALPENROCKER & IGOR" - Hans Koelldorfer - and his (since 2003) frontman and solo singer who also plays the role of harmonica and percussionist and who has been manager and bandleader for the last 4 years - Igor Radivoj - as the little band from the Styrian Kirchberg an der Raab comes to the 28th anniversary year.
1983 Hans Koelldorfer comes to Heli Konrad (Styrian harmonica) on the manager position and tours
1984 with full power with the "LITTLE MANUELA" to Karl Moik's show "Musikanten Stadl". In 1987, the band changes its name to "OSTSTEIRER" and Manuela's younger sister Alexandra takes over the microphone and the front vocals. A little later, she has great success with Andy Borg at the Grand Prix of folk music.
From 1987 to 1992, the "Eastern Styrians" toured Australia, the USA and Europe with all the famous musicians and stars of the folk music scene at that time.
In 1992, the 10th anniversary of the band follows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on tour with Andy Borg.
In 1993, the band makes its third tour to Australia.
In 1994 the "Oststeirer" starts with the new guitarist and vocalist Werner Poglits and releases their new album "Las Vegas".
1996 the band name "Alpen - Rocker" was born and the front women Erni & Maria (mother and aunt of Manuela and Alexandra) combine yodelling with rock and new freshness. CD material follows as well as TV shows in Germany, appearances at the Winter Games in Austria and Germany and the first major changes in the music world, where traditional music is combined with classic rock sound.
Until 2001, the band toured around the world, appearing on many TV shows and playing in all open air locations throughout Europe.
2002 brings new band members: front singer Saengerin Tina Koch, bassist Christian Hoeller and drummer Sigi Willmann. The new CD "Weekend Partytime" rounds off the 20 years and the refreshed band is back on the charts as well as on open air concerts in Germany and Austria.
2003 shows a lot of variety. Joachim Scherz takes over the keyboards and backvocals, Sepp Spiegel is on the drums and Alexandra again for a short time Frontsaengerin.
In 2004, the band broke the musical tradition for the first time. A male lead singer joins the band: IGOR Radivoj - Mrvica, new frontman, powersaver and artist from well known bands and projects like: "Route 66", "Route 69", "Piazza della Musica", "Voices", "Bad Coffee "," Black Dove "," Igor & Band ", 7 times winner of international festivals as a singer, lyricist and composer. He takes over the frontlead voice and immediately open old and new doors for the "alpine rockers". This is followed by the tour of Tunisia and the first visit to China, numerous appearances in Germany, Holland, Croatia, Austria, ...
In 2005 the band starts with a new hit in the Styrian dialect "Stoarkes Land" and returns to the charts under new name "ALPENROCKER & IGOR".
In 2007 Igor takes over the bandleader position and continues to strengthen the band together with Hans as son and his father as manager. Ernst Grieshoffer jumps in as drummer for Europe and Helfried Grygar - Friday as a drummer on the tour in China.
2008 follows a new edition of the single "Strong Country", this time in high German. This brings the band back to open air concerts in Germany and Holland, "ALPENROCKER & IGOR" touring Asia with power vocalist Karmen Novko from Motoerhead opening act, and Werner Heid on accordion.
In 2009, Mario Peheim becomes the drummer of the band, Martin Rexeis new with the Styrian harmonica and for the Asian tour comes the new singer Marion Luttenberger.
In 2010 the "ALPENROCKER & IGOR" with full throttle and new vocalist Daniela Kirtscheva will again be on promotional tour in China in Tayuan, Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi'an, Nanjing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Dalian and a small visit to Beijing.
2011 is a new web design, a new DVD and new CD material and a new presentation of the band already planned under "IGOR & the ALPENROCKER"
In 2012, Asia will be guest country for our Styrian band for the seventh time with a new single on a promotional tour
In 2013, the band's new name "IGGY STONE & the ALPENROCKER" and new members: Manuel Paché comes as guitar / bass / vocal, Alexandar Karlin as solo guitar / bass / keyboards / vocals, Danja Kneissl as new lady in the band and Milan Anzel as early as 2012 besides accordion keyboard. Harbin Drift Tour and 8th Asia Oktoberfest Tour follows with great joy, band is on the way with new single "MI CORAZON" ...
From 2013, the band cooperates with drummer Peter Latzka and with Almir Alajbegovic "www.ton4u.com" as Audio & Light Studio & Live Technician / Producer.
And now in 2015 you start with a whole new cast in the year and the band is stronger than ever.
Newcomers include Sarah Victoria Reiter, Sandi Fras, Darko Pavlesic, Daniel Karl Muhr and Nikolaus Georgiades.